(4 May 2020)


Bowls England refunds are underway and Clubs will receive back the following.

Men’s £5 affiliation to Bowls England

Ladies £5 affiliation to Bowls England

Men’s National Competition fees that lead to Leamington Spa, at £4.70p per head (£2.50 under 25).

Ladies National Competition fees at £2.50p per head (ECWBA will be repaying their competition fees separately).

(12 May 2020)


Bowls England have issued a Holding Statement which can be viewed on the Bowls England site:-

(15 May 2020)


Covid-19: Bowls England Supplementary Guidance for Lawn Bowls Clubs Approved by Department of Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) – May 14th 2020

View PDF

(15 May 2020)


On 14 May the Emergency Committee of the Executive Council held a meeting via the Zoom conferencing application. Those taking part were:  S Dron, D King, R Dodd, A Ellis, A Wightman, S Hill, P Finney, T Mizen and J Tully.

1. The Secretary informed the committee that he had received a report from one Group which indicated that the local authority for their area would not be permitting use of council greens.  He further reported that the committee would have to consider whether the next scheduled Executive Council meeting (September) could be held. A final decision on this was deferred until more information became available from Government re the relaxation of current restrictions.  There is an option for a video conference (Zoom) meeting if required.  Consideration would also have to be given in relation to the Annual General Meeting due to be held in November.  Again a final decision on this was deferred to a future meeting of the committee.

2. The Treasurer commented on a financial statement that had been circulated to the committee prior to the meeting, essentially the County finances are in good order.  All competition fees (Leamington Championships) had been refunded either by BACS or cheque.  It was pointed out that where clubs had entered competitions ie: National Double Fours etc, and paid direct to Bowls England (BE), then refunds would only be made by BE if a request is made by the entrant no later than September.  If no request is made then the fee will be retained by BE.  


3. The Competition Secretary said there was nothing to report, other than to reiterate that a final decision on internal County Competitions would be made no later than the end of June.  There was a discussion on the fees already paid for internal County Competitions, and those proposed for 2021 season, further discussion with a view to a decision was deferred to the next meeting as an agenda item. 

4. The Match Secretary had no new information to report.  He pointed out the communication that had been circulated by Bowls Suffolk, this was noted by the committee.  The Secretary reported that the BE protocol such as it was had been circulated to Group Secretaries and any further information would be similarly circulated.

5. The Chairman had commented to BE re the membership scheme and awaited a substantive reply.  

6. The new coaching strategy was discussed and copies would be distributed to the members of the committee.

7. The BE Covid19 survey had been recirculated to clubs with a request that they complete and return to BE.

8. The committee will hold another video conference meeting on 28 May, subject to any changes in Government advice on the lock-down and how it may impact on Sporting events.

(31 May 2020)


The Emergency Committee of the ECBA Executive Council met via the Zoom conferencing App at 5 pm on Thursday 28 May. Those taking part were Tony Ellis, Alex Wightman, Pat Finney, Stephen Hill, Sandy Dron, Dave King, Richard Dodd, Terry Mizen and John Tully
The Chairman opened the meeting with a welcome to all present and hoped they were keeping well and staying safe.
The Secretary had nothing new to report.
The Treasurer had nothing new to report.
The Competition Secretary had nothing new to report, as previously agreed on final decisions on which if any of the County Competitions would be run would be deferred until the end of June.
The Match Secretary had nothing new to report.
The Chairman asked if anyone had anything to report on the opening of clubs around the various Groups in the County. A general discussion followed where it was identified that parts of the County would not see any bowling due to local councils, not re-opening bowling green facilities, whereas in other parts greens were already open and some were planning to open. Consideration was given to BE guidance in that only three rinks should be utilised rather than six and the issue of spectators being allowed. It was resolved that this decision was in the hands of individual clubs and as a consequence, any liability arising from this would be a matter for the clubs.
BE membership scheme: The Chairman reported that this item was not on the agenda for the next BE Board meeting.
The Chairman reported that the Essex Coaching protocol document had been finalised and would be circulated to both the Indoor and Outdoor Executives for consideration in due course. Terry Mizen reported that his club had negotiated the attendance of John McGuiness and Kirk Smith to deliver a coaching session in the future when circumstances allow.
The Chairman stated that at the last meeting of BE (15 May) it had been reported that BE staff were still working from home until further notice. Unification of the British Isles Bowls Council and the British Isles Women's Bowls Council would be going ahead. It was confirmed that all clubs and counties would retain membership and affiliation to BE, irrespective of fees being refunded. The new CEO of BE would take up the post on 1 June.
Any other business:
It was reported that the Essex Ladies BA were beginning to refund some fees.
Clarification of Govt guidance around two members of different households playing bowls together was given, in that it would be permitted providing appropriate social distancing was practised.
It was agreed that if Groups wanted to receive County Handbooks they should be provided.
The committee will hold another meeting on 25 June. The meeting closed at 5.30 pm





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